Deep love for film

It all started in 2012.

Artisanal quality and deep love for the film

At the heart of our work have always been good people and good spirit. It’s fun to work together with a shared passion. Passion is stories. We have a strong desire to produce marketing entertainment for brands – stories that bring value. The world needs meaningful stories, and good stories are known to stay alive. Stories are being built with us by our entire Koju team, our important team members and our quality-saving abilities.



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Director of Photography, Post-production supervisor

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Account manager

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Post-production supervisor, editor


Started from the bottom

It started in a small apartment. We, the founders of the company, Heikki and Matias, studied filmmaking together. Our passion for directing and filming was so great that we soon had the vision of our own video production company. If Jeff Bezos started his business in a garage, our first office was in a common student dormitory. From there we started to enrich the business of our customers. The motivation was great, and soon we were operated from a decent office.


Heikki ja Matias

Artisan quality and love for the moving image have been part of Koju from the beginning.