Inspired by the world around us

City and nature unite

We wrote and produced a brand film for Lamnia, where nature and urban landscapes are combined with beautiful handmade knives. We wanted to show the knife as a practical tool, which the owner appreciates both its practicality and beauty.

The film took us to Koli in Finland and Aarhus in Denmark. We also interviewed Danish knife master Jens Ansø, who is the second speaker in the brand film.

The visually impressive and emotional brand film represents the company’s values and the diverse locations bring value in the international market, where the company is also strongly operating.

We also took comprehensive product and brand images at both locations.

Lamnia – Your sharp companion | Brand film

Client: Lamnia
Idea, concept, production: Koju

Director and writer: Kasimir Högnäs
Director of Photography: Matias Vihko
Editor: Katja Ritvanen
Aerial photography: Reino Hartikainen
Photographers: Tommi Lindgren ja Reino Hartikainen
Producer: Heikki Oinonen

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