An Adventure in Lakeland

Let’s evoke feelings towards Northern Savo

The development company SavoGrow wanted to boost tourism in Northern Savo and bring the region’s destinations to the international audience. Video was chosen as a key media format for this purpose and was supported by photographs and print advertising.

Our solution

We produced four story-themed videos, a compilation video, 20 short social media videos, different language variations and several dozen photographs.

We wanted to create themes for the videos in a memorable way and make the videos so that the viewer enjoys watching them. The video concept we designed eventually became the main theme of the entire marketing campaign, including posters and tourist presentations.

In the videos of Joy, Magic, Peace and Finding, Aino and Greta embark on adventures in the destinations of Northern Savo. The entertaining video series is full of positive disturbance and anarchy, and they arouse emotions and travel fever in viewers!


The story of Aino and Greta has been widely featured at trade fairs in Europe and beyond, including in Japan.

The videos are also included in the Northern Savo augmented reality set and various different versions that are made from the longer videos work in a variety of ways in social media. The entertaining video series has captivated and aroused admiration among tour operators, travel agents and the general public. The short versions have also been used by other entrepreneurs and companies in Northern Savo, and thus the videos have served the tourism industry in the entire region.

Compilation video
Part 1: Joy
Part 2: Magic
Part 3: Peace
Part 4: Finding

Client: SavoGrow
Production: Koju

Director and screenwriter: Kasimir Högnäs
Director of Photography: Matias Vihko
Editor: Katja Ritvanen
B-camera: Katja Ritvanen
Sound Designer: Jesse Soini
Photographer: Katja Ritvanen
Technical assistant: Saara Sundelin
Aerial photography: Reino Hartikainen
Producer: Heikki Oinonen

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