Bring nature into your living room

Nature to your living room

Lehto Group wanted a visual and natural touch for the marketing of their Deco Puukerrostalo concept. All advertisements and photos were provided by us.

Our solution

We produced an advertising video in which nature was brought into the living room through visual effects, and the same concept was continued in the campaign photography. Harmonically and sensitively depicted, the ad creates emotions, speaks to the viewer and expresses the pleasure of being in contact with nature — something that many urban people want today.

The video was filmed in the darkest time of the year, after mid-December, but by combining digital backgrounds, impressive lighting and effects, a harmonious and bright outcome was achieved.


The impressive ad and the visual photographs concrete what a wooden-floor housing is about. The consistent materials helped our customer launch the concept and kept the brand message clear and effective.

Client: Lehto Group
Production: Koju

Director: Kasimir Högnäs
Director of Photography: Matias Vihko
Producer: Heikki Oinonen

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