Be careful what you watch!

Let’s bring the legend to a younger audience

Riitan Herkku wanted to highlight the classic status of Metripizza and to update its brand for a younger audience. Advertising agency Briiffi designed a TV advertising campaign based on classic films with the theme “Classic that stays on top,” and we got to make entertainment marketing!

Our solution

We produced the Metripizza TV ad series. Some have noticed similarities from the films The Ring, The Matrix, and Forrest Gump. We also made social media versions of the ads that began to spread rapidly!


TV ads circulated widely on television channels, and they received an excellent reception in their target group. Public engagement was widespread on Reddit, where advertisements aroused emotions and discussion.

What would Neo eat?
Be careful what you watch – or eat
Life is like Metripizza

Director and producer: Heikki Oinonen
Director of Photography and Editor: Matias Vihko
VFX: Paavo Pengermä
Color grade: Anssi Rautio
Sound Designer: Aleksi Tegel
Gaffer: Aapo Yrjänä
Lighting tech: Samuli Suoyrjö
Camera-assistant: Niina Tuominen
Make-up artist and costumer designer: Maria Loikala
Production designer: Heli Lindroos
Production manager: Katja Ritvanen

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